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Unfortunately, when we returned home we were denied the right to share those precious memories with our loved ones and so for the most part many of us remained silent.Only difference, though, is you do not attack those of us that served as so many others have.In terms of the ferocity of the protests in the U.S., how much of it was due to the fact that we were fighting a Communist insurgency.

Maybe you need to talk to the men and women that served, fought and returned home.Had I seen a doctor with the attitude of Dr Spatz when I did sek help to get my head on straight I probably would not have made it this far.Why would a government (or a society) turn around and forgive someone for breaking a law in the face of those who suffered for not breaking the law, especially in the face of those who perished.I think that you would agree that I have kept its usage to a minimum, and have included it (the f word) in order to show, intentionally, my frustration with the war.The Peace Movement was never that, it was just,anti war, and when Nam ended, so did the movement.

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The 1972 VVAW week long protest (camping on the Mall, marches, speaking to politicians, commaraderie, etc.).He advised my pretty wife to keep me out of bed for several weeks so that I could get some rest.We all know what a shambles everything was and the toll it took.

She was acting strangely and he asked the bartender to see if she was alright.Many of you are right about moving forward and not exposing certain issues of the past, thank you for your concern.There are a few other things that have happened to me lately that are beginning to erode my view on that.Otherwise, try Tanker, DocDel, Tom Dier, Chet, and a host of others, all wise in the ways of war.But, if you think that I can, perhaps your choice of the name is ironically correct for you, and your prognosis is severe.Despite this, Clinton had to actually apologize to having been a dove instead of a hawk.Honor and integrity are two of the few things we receive for free in life.

We ignored the corruption and did not FORCE the government to change and we could have used our power to do that.B-52s, Navy guns, tactical aircraft,heavy artillery pieces kill people at great distances.The reason Lenin used the word Communism is being he was trying to invoke the image of what Marx used the word to mean.

The eldest son, Hong Bang, being the first born came south with the youngest sons.I think I take this a compliment, but, being I am in good hands, I trust my point man, and wing man too.However, it sounds a lot like others from my era that were protestors.

Over the years the diary sat like a silent soldier awaiting its call to service.I find it strange that now you indicate you fought in the Six Day War in Sinai.How come e-v-e-r-y time someone posts on these many, many pages that they did not serve in Vietnam they are immediately ripped by Vietnam Vets.I remember all too well what I did in the name of their freedom, and the abysmal failure of the whole mess.As for the country, my views are pretty much what they became during my year in Vietnam.I feel the amnesty issue is one of many crucial issues to the feelings many Vietnam Veterans have about themselves.No doubt they were perpetrated by a distinct minority of Americans, but the bad apples spoiled the barrel in that we were perceived by many Vietnamese as being no better than the VC.You may not agree with what Nurse Ratchet or others say, but then again it is not always easy to deal with you or your attitude at times either.You actually agreed with me that the U.S. cared nothing about the South Vietnamese.

The WWII Vet father of a Vietnam Vet I know recently went into the hospital for a magetic resonnance image scanning.I can only count on one hand the number of times I was really in serious danger to my knowledge.It would be a shitty, shitty thing to believe that what motivates them, us and everbody else is all that I would consider negative.After the coup, the Cambodian government began trying to drive the North Vietnamese from their country.Amazingly, I found that same feeling of pride and honor residing in others as well.A purging occurred on both sides then Ho started to move his troops into the south.You instead divided a nation and caused a deeper wound to fester.As Vietnam Veterans, we were even shunned by vets of other wars.

No, diplomatic relations, to me, are not about helping the communists.Thus as the clouds gather and the days grow shorter---we huddle closer to the dying heat, hoping to re-capture that passon and hold off the long cold night.The BUT using the power that presence provides to change the situation.Why, because in 1971 Nixon announced he would in effect, end the draft and the protesters stopped.One morning, he got up at 4 a.m. and went to eat their cold spagetti.Thank you all for having defended American vision and American value. --- Tao.

One thing I could not stand was that some people calling themselves protesters had animosity towards those who fought in Vietnam.We supported Stalin against Hitler--not because we loved Stalin or admired his government, but because we felt that Hitler posed the greatest threat---AT THAT TIME.That, and of course, cover thy own ass and stay out of the jungle.You, on the other hand, are neither a protestor nor a veteran and I have just realized that you have absolutely nothing to offer.About Cambodia - From the information you have given me, it makes more sense than not, that the massacre was racially motivated than anything else, by way of how the villagers were killed.Individuals who failed to fight for the rights and love for freedom others craved across the sea and because of this many Americans died because of this many Asians from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos were abandoned and we lost our glory and the right to be heard by the nations of the world.How out of touch with the average grunts on this site you were.I think you have been in the classroom too long, and not out here, on the streets of life and reality.A high ranking defector who turned himself in confirmed this and the Russian or at least another Russian with a similiar accurate (long) rifle was later killled by a Marine sniper just north of DaNang sometimes later.

Vsak, ki je že kdaj stavil na nogometno tekmo, lahko pritrdi, da ga je že mnogokrat presenetil neodločen rezultat. Zakaj torej ne bi stavili nanj, saj ponuja tudi.An 8 year old could understand that as well as a 90 year old.Let us, Nurse, one on one, delve into your role as a voting protestor.We found other evidence that they enemy had been in that area but no bodies.The actions of some Communists do not justify what our government did in Chile and El Salvador.Personally I still know dozens who call Canada home, and even now, 30 years later, CHOOSE to not want to be citizens of the USA.