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CardHider then hides the cards, and all subsequent cards should there be any, until the hand is over.They also offer a full list of support that is easy to access in the form of a forum and email support.The pro version gives you various filters so that you can target your strengths and weaknesses and it has a passcode lock to keep your data secure.The software then reads the database and makes use of a HUD to display information of interest to the player on the table in real time.

The site also has 20 advisers that can guide you through the steps and help you sharpen your skills.When PSHandler opens, it looks like a small rectangle with various menus that are controlled by tabs.

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The tool also has an equity realization function that allows you to see your equities based off of your hand and the ranges you have previously assigned to your opponents.FreePokerDB When something is opensource it normally comes with a few strings attached.You can select specific hands and input them during your reviewing time to learn proper inflection point strategy.It simply allows you to quickly and easily track a number of variables that would previously be done with pen and paper.The HUD is fully customizable should you want to change the layout.The tool calculates decisions in mere seconds and can help new fish or even guide the more experienced.

Odds Oracle has a long list of tools at its disposal depending on which licence you acquire.It also looks at how many players there are remaining in hand, and how likely they are to have a hand within the various ranges.This tool has a odds calculator, table tracker and statistical tracking software all rolled up into one tool.In the Demo Mode it will only save 10% of the players it finds in your database.You can track your current PokerLoco Points in our Poker software at any time. Read more. Casino Games. Information; Home; My Account; Poker Games; How to Play Poker.It will also show you how many cards are left in a deck and also suggest a raise, call or fold move and shows both yours and the opponents estimated hand rank.For additional information about this free calculator, go to this link.The tool is completely free for the first 150 hands after which it is only 79 Euros for the license.PLO Ranger is an easy to use HUD that shows your hand strength while in game.

PokerRanger In the next poker tool review we are looking at PokerRanger.

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And finally, the Starting Hand Strength is a statistic that shows how strong your hand is.Notecaddy is an add on that helps you find week spots in your opponent and will show you how to exploit those week spots without them ever finding out.

Please note that most poker sites will ban you and freeze your account if you are caught using a poker bot.They were combined by some of the best online coaching sites and where compiled by actual players and not just a random number generator.

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The tool can compute the exact value of a play down to the exact value of your hand and you can display all this information simply by hovering your mouse over the specific branch.888 The developers offer full support via email and the software has a 30 day trail.A computer poker player is a computer. Some will seek out and ban bot users through the utilization of a variety of software tools. The poker client can be.You are able to build your strategy in a planner and then know how to play against your opponents.Thus it is suggested that if you are going to use this tool, stick to one table at a time.

Home - Intertops Poker is the largest and most comprehensive online resource for information on poker software and poker tools. We have reviewed all of the best online.It also allows you to rotate tables and increase your bet by using the mouse wheel.The setup may be slightly technical but definitely worth the time spent.As mentioned this is completely free and as it can be opened on your mobile device can be a handy tool for online and live games.Sizes of the windows can be customised depending on your preferences and can vary from window to window.

Hand2Note Hand2Note is a tracking database tool with a built in HUD that is easy for most people to use.PS Last Hand is available as an unlicensed version which can be used indefinitely, however you can only dieplay the last hand panel on one open table.Being a fish(AKA new to poker) can be tough and using Open Holdem bot can help you excel, even at the low stakes.My favorites are in no particular order: That Poker Clock - Very limited by stylish clock. since we used this new software for the France Poker Tour,.The mass import system works well and you will have your entire had history and player statistics in moments.GamPokerAnalyze is a universal tool for on the fly analysis of game situations.You are still able to download the tool from varies sources on the web but you will not find much in terms of has an additional review on this tool. iOmahaIndicator iOmaha, created in 2013, is based on the iHoldem Indicator program.

It has built in opponent tracking software and helps beginners advance and teaches them about different hands.The developers have been making poker tools since 2003 and have made Poker Usher as simple as possible to master.Additional review available at RangeEdge At no Limit holdem tournaments you are most likely going to end up short stacked and blinds are rising fast.While it currently only supports PokerStars, it is still a great tool to use.The company started with the idea in 2003 and are constantly improving on the system.Stud indicator attaches itself to your table and then all the fun things start to happen.

This allows you to discuss your hands with ease with fellow poker players and share your progress and performance.Not only does it have a vast array of tools it also supports Holdem, all variations of Omaha and all variations of Stud.It also comes with an odds calculator to help you work out the odds of winning the pot.However it is only available on the Windows OS at the moment with talk of it being released for Mac too.They offer support in the form of email support. has an additional review on this product.The ICM calculator is limited but one must remember this is a free tool so functionality will be limited.Table of Interest Poker players that make a living off of online poker will play on multiple tables at once.After going through all of the above the tool does work like a poker bot should.The HUD they designed gives you all the information you need without being intrusive.

They have a full list of contact details in order to log a bug or make a suggestion or for any other queries you may have.PokerSnowie is an easy-to-use poker software suitable for both novices and experts which will drastically increase your poker learning.The number of hands are all tracked and you are able to pull up opponents total wins vs Loses.It also has a table tile tool that allows you to attach hotkeys to tables for different shortcuts.You can assign bet keys not only for amounts, like for big blinds or percentage of pot size but also depending on the stage of the game being the flop, turn or river.

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With the chart, you can determine what are good hands preflop to go all in with depending on your position and how many blinds you have left.

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At this point the software that is installed with ease and is user friendly, helps you play the best possible end game.After all of this and sever pc reboots, you will need to create the custom tables and then the stats and HUD will function.Page 4 of Poker! 4. TUSH HAWG (Showing his cards) Youse a liar! I ain't dealt you no aces. Don't try to carry the Pam-Pam to me 'cause I'll.More often than not we have lost large stacks of chips due to anger and being on tilt.