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GTFO of here, why the hell would any of these sites waste time rigging bullshit.I have sucked out with one outer in live games and been also on other side.In many respects the online poker rooms go beyond what is actually necessary to create an unpredictable and random shuffle to provide a fair and unbiased playing environment.Yet there is all these people claiming online casinos are fair.


Its impossible that a coinflip will end on one side 78 times in row.

I was trying to work towards my 5th ring in the Atlantic City room and am one game away from the ring.Players are awarded levels so the amount of hands can be estimated.How Online Gamblers Unmasked Cheaters. and lucrative world of Internet poker,. sites and the computers that randomly deal the cards and.Online favors beginners then good players, simply because there are more bad players then good.

But obviously you either work for PokerStars or are one of the neverfold idiots who run like Gods playing retarted Poker.Think about is not in any poker sites interest for any player to withdraw money.Most polls asking whether or not people think online poker is rigged come up 60%-70% say NO.The fact that they so obviously elude any reasonable supervision while trying to fool the gullible into believing they are in fact makes them look like they have something to hide.I can understand the rigged theorists, but I think it goes much deeper.Things which are supposed to happen once in many thousands statistically (as is the case with certain configurations exemplified above) happen once in a few hundred, or within under fifty hands of starting a game online.Do online poker sites accept US players?. As internet poker looks to the future in the United. Second, check to see that the Random Number Generator.Ready to play real money poker? Download our software for free on your desktop or mobile device, then select any of the easy-to-use deposit options listed.

Very short run of luck followed by long spell of absolute bullshit.I guess there stealing as much as they can while they still can.I will not tell my player id at pokerstars but i will tell you what happened.Yes from my own personal experience, I have no doubt that corruption and collusion is a factor of online poker.If winning player becomes losing and losing becomes winning there you have it.I told i will give one more example one more proof. and so i do. believe it or not.Just closed my account at Pa.rty poker after the following hands in a matter of 20 minutes.

Then I started winning again but never could overcome enough winnings to cover my losses.There are bots playing at every online table that know all the cards and cripple your ability to bluff, you will get called EVERY time you are bluffing by even ace high on flop when you move in, yet when you have a monster made hand, NO ACTION.Bluffed my way through next 2 and half hours, getting literally nothing, I swear to you, nothing.So many years gone but at the end poker became what it was odten in past.The Transparency Project. the other half were controls randomly selected from those who had the same first deposit date. Internet poker-playing behavior.

Well there are a couple of things that are wrong with this argument.Because the random generator usually dont put same cards on the board so that it looks random.And the most funny part is, all these people deffending these big companys.Again I started to win until I got close to a point where I would be profitable should I cash out.I always have the favourite hand, yet it never ever ever seems to hold up.This is because a bad poker player who lasts longer will lose more of his money to the rake instead of to another player.I have so much hand history on this but it proves nothing until I video tape me calling the winners of situations before they happen.Best bet to leave an wait for the free chips amd play another app in the meantime.

What you should focus on are the preflop cards in the game and the board cards combined.

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First being the timing of online, sometimes the timing is too perfect with bad beats online.My favorite, just today, the player to my right had the same had as me three times in a row.Online poker site featuring a huge number of poker tournaments and online poker games for US players.A few people who have contributed to the debate are putting together something to present to the poker stars board with a view to getting them to release vital information and data to put and end to all the speculation.I suggest all young men deposit 15000. maybe he can show us how to get our same hands AA KK QQ to hold up in the same or better situations then he finds himself in.

Many times the thought came to mind that it was rigged, in order that more people play.And have a solid bankroll management, always have put aside money when he is running bad and always seem to be one step ahead of everybody and constantly improving his game everyday.If someone dont believe post your results with holdem manager, show them your ev line, then not one will open his mouth.The guy is 6% preflop, 6% flop, then hits runner runner. Unreal. I was doomed from then.According to Phil Gordon in Little Green Book, this is supposed to be 1 in a 100.Poker Action Flop Theory texas holdem poker action. internet attract literally thousands of. casinos are NOT randomly.I practiced and studied poker for 8 years and did well for a good while, but after these last 2 months I simply cannot play anymore.

I have played thousands of hours of live and online poker and these days you simply cannot build a bankroll online.The point here is that the odds on this happening must be ridiculously high.It was a risk to call but I was pretty certain I was dominating and I had him covered with a few thousand chips to spare if I lost. So I call.If you think that it is fair, then you are dreaming are living in a fantasy.

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One possibility is that they earn more money, when the player rebuys again or buys-in on another tournament.He have develop a super system in that stake, after many years of trials and errors.After improving my game bankroll management and making the decision to play purely for profit I spent the last few years killing it at live poker.

There are a variety of poker conspiracy theories that should simply be ignored.This conspiracy theory is also explained by the loose nature of online poker, particularly at the lower limits.I had noticed a definite change in online poker by the middle of 2008, yes there were issues before that period, but they were not as blatant to see before that point, on average.Why is the Internet continuously connecting and disconnecting. If you're Internet is still not stable, before following any of the other steps below,.Rarely you see people on table winning all the time consistenly.Dont make it easy for them to get away with such a standard respond.I played on bwin last night and having KK I raised about 3X BB.All the cheating bastards that profit from it can and will rot in hell.This conspiracy theory presumes that a player who cashes out some of his money from an online poker site will experience a horrible losing streak when he returns to play.

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FREE ONLINE VIDEO POKER! No. have an internet connection you. RTP’s and RNG’s these return to player or random number generator programed.